Policies, Processes and Administrative Procedures

the COOLCOM Group Policies
Billing, Hosting, Domains, Fees and Contact


Contact Information and Keeping it Accurate

All domain renewal notices, hosting renewal notices, order confirmations, invoice copies and failed billing notices will go to your Client Centre contact email.

It is strongly advised that this be an “outside” email address not associated with Email or Hosting provided in your account.

Email Whitelisting

Please “whitelist” any email coming from “coolcom.com” to your registered email account. Today's filters can make mistakes; to hep prevent important information being routed to a spam folder whitelisting is required. (see your email provider and/or consult your email software to learn how to whitelist an email address)

Please note: Changing your Client Centre contact info does NOT change any contact info for your domain records. That must be done in the WHOIS tab under Manage Domains OR you can request assistance in the Help Desk.

Regular Review of Policies and Pricing

The client may refer to this page on any given day to review the pricing to be charged for domain renewals. As COOLCOM also supplies international products, pricing here should be checked often to review any changes due to exchange rates or increses in Core Registry (ICANN, CIRA etc) pricing. 

Domain Fees

Renewal Fees updated January 2022

.com  021.95
.ca 021.95
.org 024.95
.net 024.95
 .cn 020.95
.law 169.95
.lawyer 099.95
.me 024.95

Standard and Advanced DNS Services 2022

Basic DNS Access

COOLCOM provides basic DNS access so you can point your domain at any hosting or other process provider you may be using. 

Advanced DNS

This includes A, CNAME, MX, TXT and SRV records. Domains can also be Re-directed (pointed to another domain) or Aliased (pointed to another domain but show the original). Aliased domains must point to another domain on the COOLpanel. 

1 Domain 11.95
5 Domains 29.95
MultiPak (6-30) Domains 49.95

This system uses:

SSL and Remote Backup Services FREE for your 1st year of hosting

Your first year of hosting with COOLCOM employs a FREE regimen of unique access protocols that protect your account from password hammering designed to “break” your account security.

  • SSL (Secure Socket Layers) is now required by Google to propery serve your site and rank it in the Google Search Engine. 
  • WayBackups (Series of incremental backups kept on a remote server
  • Full access to personal backup tools in your cPanel

All Hosting accounts are billed for this package in the 2nd year onward. While Competitors do charge upward of 100.00 per domain, COOLCOM fees are per account and bulk fees apply on large accounts. 0

Hosting account (one account) 39.95
Hosting account (two or more) 49.95
Email Hosting (one account) 07.95
Email Hosting (two accounts or more) 09.95

Recurring Billing

All hosting accounts are auto-renewed on their renewal date. Please ensure your credit card is kept up to date. Failed renewals will be re-tried for three days while the account is kept active, and notices of the failed attempts will be sent to the account contact email.

If the account can not be successfully renewed after three days, the account will then be Suspended and the services taken off line. Re-attempting the renewal will be randomly made, but it is up to the account holder to notify us if they have updated their card info and want their account renewed.

Accounts not successfully renewed after 7 days are deleted.

Accounts that have established a checking payment priveledge are due annually based on the day of original order. 30 and 15 days notice for payment is sent out and payment due on or before due date. As with all accounts 
COOLCOM has an established set of "missed payment" reminders that apply to checking accounts.

Add-on Specials, Plugin Billing for Recurring Billing Products

All Add-ons and Plugins are in addition to a plans current configuration and are also first to be removed in the case of same product cancellatinons.

For example, adding a 5 box plugin, and then cancelling three boxes >> results in removal of three from the free billing set before removal from paid boxes. It is not possible to add Specials and Plugins followed by removing base or core products. 

Cloud space for hosting and email expands automatically at a base rate of 20.00/year /gb.

Cancellation of Hosting

  •  Hosting cancellations MUST be filed and received before renewal has been processed.
  • Notify the Help Desk at least five days prior to renewal. and follow the instructions returned in your ticket OR
    - log into your cPanel
    - click the hosted domain
    - click the extras tab
    - use the cancellation button
  • Hosting cancellations received before the renewal date are processed and account cancelled without further billing
  • Hosting cancellations received after the billing date are cancelled without refund. 

Hosting cPanel Access and Authority

Anyone given access to your cPanel Hosting management is assumed to have been granted authority to act on your behalf. Webmasters and administrators who move domains or point them to alternative services outside of COOLCOM are still responsible for cancelling any recurring hosting or service agreements. Non-cancelled services will be billed normally and the above cancellation rules will apply.

Client Centre Account Access and Authority

Anyone given access to your COOLCOM Client Centre account is assumed to have been granted authority to act on your behalf. Webmasters and administrators who move domains or point them to alternative services outside of COOLCOM are still responsible for cancelling any recurring hosting or service agreements. Non-cancelled services will be billed normally and the above cancellation rules will apply.

Hosting Account Back-Ups

COOLCOM maintains backups of all servers for emergency purposes, should a server or hard drive fail. These backups do not facilitate replacement of individual hosting accounts.


COOLCOM mail servers provide users with enviable “clean” email rarely found in larger scale hosting companies and megamail suppliers. Rather than using fallible and robotic mail filtering that never quite “gets it right” and often removes legitimate email from your Inbox, this high level of performance is partly accomplished using Sender Verification, which requires email to come from a legitimate email address. That feature alone negates a clear majority of spam which originates from made up and non-existent email addresses. In rare cases where a Senders email server is improperly set-up to not allow verification, a simple note to us in the Help Desk and the sender can be put on a bypass list.

Email acceptance and rejection is easily checked using the Track Delivery feature of the COOLpanel.

COOLCOM email servers are also protected from “password hammering” by overseas sources. We limit normal availability of SMTP access to North America. World wide email is still accessible with through webmail or your mail client using specially cleared IP addresses. (see help Desk)

Mailing Lists

To preserve mail server integrity for all clients and reduce blacklisting and spamming issues with other providers, COOLCOM does not actively provide “mail list” services or software on our own system. We do have recommended preferred partner services we can offer you and will support. Please ask for assistance on the Help Desk.

As a preventive measure, COOLCOM mail servers will temporarily suspend an account experiencing an inordinate amount of “bounce back” emails within a fixed period. Therefore, it is essential that you maintain your lists. Regularly clean them of invalid addresses to prevent bounce back or undeliverable email issues which trigger the aforementioned suspensions.


Registration – Domain registration will be attempted after verification of the order and successful charging of the supplied credit card. Once you have received your Invoice copy notifying you of your order being processed, please check the Manage Domains section of your Client Centre to ensure the domain is registered and listed. If it is not showing, let us know immediately in the Help Desk.

Verification – New ICANN rules require verification of NEW accounts (identified by the Registrant name and contact email address). Upon creation of a new account, please expect an email asking you to verify your contact info. Not completing this action will result in a temporary suspension of the registration until the verification is completed. Domains registered under the same account do not require verification. If you need your confirmation email resent, please ask in the Help Desk.

Renewal – Renewal notices for domain licenses are sent to your Client Centre contact email address 30 and 7 days before renewal, and a further notice is sent 1-3 days after expiry if not renewed. Unrenewed domains are Suspended for up to 30 days after expiry, during which time they may still be available for renewal. CIRA provides for a 30 day “Grace” renewal period after expiry. ICANN does not guarantee renewability after expiry.

Auto-Renewal – Domains are automatically set to auto renew when registered. If during the year you decide to let your domain asset go back to the pool for release to the public, you must turn off the auto renewal in order to ensure the domain is released.

In order to cancel auto renewal they must be set to cancel 31 days before renwal or notifiy the help desk 10 days before renewal. 

  • Any domain set to auto-renew less than 31 days before expiry will be renewed immediately.
  • Any domains cancelling auto-renwal less than 31 days before expirty will be renewed. 

All others will be renewed approximately 7 days before expiry. Please ensure your credit card on file is valid. Please also ensure your domain has been renewed before the expiry date. No system is infallible, and it is your responsibility to verify your license has been successfully renewed.

If you wish to cancel auto-renewal less than 31 days before expriry, contact the Help Desk at least 7 days before expiry to do so.

Because auto-renewal is designed to avoid downtime, the process begins 7 days before the domain expired and can then be too late to cancel. 

All registrations made for .ca domains agree to the full set of CIRA policies. 
Registrant Presence Requirements
Municipal Registrant Requirements
Municipal Certificate of Consent
CIRA Dispute Resolution Requirements

All registrations made for all ICANN Governed TLDs agree to all ICANN policies
Complete ICANN Policies and Practices

HideMyWHOIS Privacy – COOLCOM offers a unique in-house WHOIS privacy system to keep your personal info off your domain record in the public WHOIS system. For a one-time fee of CAD$9.95, we will replace your personal info with our contact info and replace the contact email with a unique identifier tied to your account. Email to this account is still received by COOLCOM and checked. All renewal notices for your domain license will still go to your Client Centre contact email. If your domain is ever transferred out of the COOLCOM registry, we will remove the WHOIS info.

Change of Domain Registrant or Email address 
ICANN requires confirmation from both the OLD and NEW email addresses when there is a change of Registrant name or contact email. An email will be sent requesting a “click to confirm.” If you have any question or doubt after receiving such a notice, please first let us know in the Help Desk before taking action.