DNS Myth: Pointing, Nameservers

DNS Myth: Pointing, Nameservers

You know… this has been abused, corrupted and in some cases lied about since I got into this business.

In just about every case, the truth has been manipulated so self absorbed webmasters and self important hosting companies can put as much of your business under their control as possible…. to improve their numbers game. (Look how many I got!)

Harsh words? I think not… Here’s the real smack…


Name servers are traffic cops… or better yet street maps. They point the browser in the right direction. It doesn’t matter WHERE your street cop lives or who has the map… as long as the domain record knows, the internet will know. The same name servers can serve your domain no matter where it is hosted… in fact, if you DON’T change them, your pointing changes are even faster… no 24 – 48 hour waits as some advertise.

To be precise, it is the info WITHIN the name server that points the domain… it is NOT the nameserver itself. One name server can hold the directions for thousands of domains.

I am perpetually infuriated by the advice given to domain owners on how they have to keep “transferring” their domain around in order to change hosting… or in many cases just so their web kiddies can build up his little pile. And if you think this is a rant about profits, then you need a little education in the actual pricing structure surrounding domain registrations. Believe me… outside of a few who have mysteriously maintained 1996 pricing (we’ll get into that later)… it’s not really about the license fee.

No, I am talking about security, reliability, reputation. Would you bounce your personal banking, house insurance, or family doctor around because you moved down the street? Of course not… not if they have been servicing you well for years and you have found them reliable and trustworthy. But I see it every day…

“Oh, my webmaster says it’s so he can keep everything easily managed”. Yep… and then when he decides to go skiing or gets out of the biz altogether… then what?”

Stay tuned… we’ll talk more about how YOU can and should be able to control your domain totally… and why your should NEVER give up that control.http://InternetSmackTalk.com

Kenneth Cool

Written by : Kenneth Cool

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