Social Site Privacy Reality

Social Site Privacy Reality

Privacy when found in the same sentence as Policy... 

That the word Privacy is used in a policy does not mean you have any; it only outlines what little you can expect in return for giving out your Name, Age, Marital Status, what you like, what you eat, drink, what you watch and what you wear, what banks and other institutions you “like”… and relieves Social Sites of responsibility when they sell the info to advertisers relabeled as demographics.

To believe you have privacy in Social Sites is to believe you can stand naked on the street, asking passers by not to peek.. while taking pictures of yourself and passing them out to “only your 386 carefully selected friends” and then asking them not to pass those shots around to anyone (cept the other 385 of your “carefully selected friends”… and depending on THEIR settings.. their 392 carefully selected friends).


Everything you say, do and post (and approve in tags) is fodder for pass along, and millions are made monthly by individuals taking advantage of those who click, fill in (and worst of all post) pretty much anything to get a freebie, a response, a compliment, a “like” but haven’t a clue of the ramifications.

Intelligent action to take and logic to prevail when filling in all the cool boxes of info, and uploading pics or video to that free space in any public site:

  • Read your agreement monthly, sites reserve the right to change policy and do so.
  • Don’t rely on someone’s interpretation (unless it’s a lawyer you PAID for the advice).
  • No one (other than the Social Site Policy page or lawyer you paid to review it) is obligated to be thorough.
  • If access to a Social Site is free, you and your volunteered info, are the commodity being marketed and sold

If you don’t like any of that, your recourse is not to demand privacy from the people who don’t owe it to you. Your recourse is to “unlike” all those Companies, Shows, Movies, Fast Food Chains, Books, Beers, Bras and Banks… and stick to the simple chatter that you are okay with the world seeing at some point – even if it was only meant for your 386 closest friends.


Written by : JoCool

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