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So how ARE you feeling?

Yep, getting a little sticky out there… trade embargos…. tariffs… unsteady dollar… seems like a lot of noise coming from across the border… things getting a little rocky right now.

It’s definitely stirring up some renewed patriotism. Oh hey… I know… we still love our neighbors to the south… but yep, sometimes it makes you think a little more about things sometimes taken for granted. We love our country, we want it to stay strong. We want a strong economy, local jobs and our nation to prosper.

So tell me something… how much of that do you relate to buying locally or even nationally? Do you support your local businesses when you have the opportunity… do you feel it makes a difference? The “Donald” sure feels strongly about keeping his country prosperous and first in line. Do you? Do you give it any thought?

COOLCOM has the great fortune of being able to provide a couple of very “All Canadian” service; .CA domains and Made In Canada webhosting. When you register a .CA domain and put it on your website, it immediately conveys that warm glowy “We’re Canadian” message. Tie that to an all Canadian hosting service and you have a unique place on the net… secure and private.

Occasionally we see very Canadian enterprises basing their online presence in the US, or even moving their services to the US from Canada. I’m still mystified by that. I’m given cause to wonder… was this given serious thought… does Canadian presence not mean anything to them… or are they even aware they’ve been moved? I’ve even researched and found loads of Canadian government funded organizations locate their internet services in the “good ‘ol USA” … imagine that. And yep… local organizations… trade and service memberships… brotherhoods… service groups… all Canadian, but not supporting Canadian providers.

I wonder if their members, clients and customers are aware…
I wonder if they care… or what they’d think if they were made aware.

I do know COOLCOM gave it serious thought… and I can proudly tell you our server banks are all well established in Canada… and I’ve never been happier with the quality and level of support and service we are provided with… totally world class. We’ve also been a CIRA Certified Registrar of .ca domains since CIRA’s inception (actually, even before that).

And with all this ill willed and nasty trade talk going on, I’m even more proud now that COOLCOM supports and deals with Canadian suppliers. How about you and our business? Feel like waving the flag a little… want to show some pride? Maybe now you’re feeling it’s time for a little “Buy Canadian – Support Canadian Business.”

Let me make it even more inviting for you…

If you’re ready to start waving that Canadian flag, COOLCOM will move you back home to CANADA for FREEand we’ll even give you six months of our fabulous all Canadian hospitality and world class hosting services at NO CHARGE. That’s right… we want to make your move home a no brainer.

Now add to that… FREE Privacy on your domain records… FREE SSL security and certificates for your email AND hosting… and I can’t imagine any business still figuring they’ll just keep paying someone in the US.

And NO FEES charged for six months!

Then again… a lot of people voted for the Donald. 😉

Bring IT On Home… the door is open and we’re ready for you.

Kenneth Cool
COOLCOM Canada – Premium Web Services