Critical Updates are... well... Critical

Critical Updates are... well... Critical

Oh the woe's of a forgotten critical update.

Your domain is a key to your location on the net... and the Admin contact on your domain record... the vital lifeline and holder of that key. I won't even begin to reference the thousands of stories you can find with a good Google or Bing search that tell of the horrible experiences created by the loss of a domain... and almost always due to a forgotten Admin email address update.

So really... this is VITAL, CRITICAL... my gosh people... this is IMPORTANT!

First things first... UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE. Send yourself a reminder every month... to check that WHOIS record and ensure the Admin email address is current. Better yet, stop bouncing around your email addresses (that's another smak coming up). But by all means, if it changes, CHANGE YOUR DOMAIN RECORD.

Renewal notices go to the admin email, transfer notices go to the admin email, changes of registrant and other confirmations go to the admin email... even INTERNIC's contact info reminders go to the admin email address. If that address doesn't work... you could be saying good-bye to that domain.

Now as for WHO that admin email contact is...

OK.. you really should make an educated decision here. Whose name is your house insurance in... whose name is your vehicle pink slip in... whose name is your mortgage in? I know I'm going to hear it on this one... but why oh why would you be putting something as valuable as your domain in someone else' name?

No... your IT tech, your webmaster, not even your Domain Administrator need to have control of your domains any more than they need to have control of your bank account. Let me ask you this... if they are in control, are they liable? Are they insured against loss?

You are your own best friend... and ultimately YOU should hold the key... you should be notified of upcoming renewals... you should be notified of registry changes (in fact you should be the one requesting them for whatever reason). I have seen domains bounced around mercilessly from registrar to registrar while an over zealous "administrator" strives to build his collection at the Registrar du' jour... rarely w/o any due diligence or research beyond who has the cutest web babes or "lowest" price... or "smokin hot" commercial.

Look... today's MODERN registrar has (or should have) a back room admin area with a private and encrypted access just for you. If necessary, you can always provide your webmaster with a temporary access to make DNS changes. An alternative is to ask your registrar to make them for you... I know we do that for clients all the time.

I understand that the corporate situation is different... and has a whole other set of circumstance. But even then... create a generic (domains@) email address that can also be copied to a upper management. It's a failsafe if nothing else... more than one person always knows what's going on. If someone leaves. They don't take domain control with them.

OK... go check those domain records... and see whose hands your business is in.

Kenneth Cool

Written by : Kenneth Cool

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