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"Shake It Up”

Bassist Benjamin Orr of 80’s pop rock sensation “The Cars” said the lyrics to their Billboard Top Tracks song “Shake It Up” tells the story of how important it is to make a mark in life.

OK… it’s not Wordsworth or Tennyson, and the message is not heavily laden with clever metaphor… in fact it’s pretty plain.

But maybe that’s the whole point… Get BUSY and Do Something!

When I see the number of domains sitting in our registry attached to NOTHING, it kind of hurts. I know there were good intentions… inspirational moments and probably some very real shouts of “AHA!” And then came that fatal pause… that “I’ll do it tomorrow” chant.

Opportunity wasted… inspiration dissolved… another “SQUIRREL!” moment.

Hey… I’m empathetic… been there… done it far too many times.

What’s important though… is changing the routine. So let’s DO something. The internet has to be the most affordable, accessible and empowering medium ever put in front of the human race. Now like never before, you are able to reach almost half of the world’s population for pennies. You can promote ideas, share comments and thoughts, sell products, offer services… the list goes on.

In terms of business… even the Sky is no longer a limit.

I want COOLCOM to become MORE for you… more than hosting and email… more than a cheap domain that sits idle long after registration.

So let me make an offer that might give you that little push you need…

Take one of those “empty domains” you have… or register one for that idea you’ve been contemplating… and put some zing into that idea. Get up a small site… even two or three pages… have some fun.

If your domain is here at COOLCOM you have access to the Free Landing Page Builder and Weebly3. It's right in your Domain cPanel - Get out there and play like a rockstar!