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Every month 1000s of Wordpress sites are hacked and these are the most common methods: 

  • Password hammering access
  • Plugin code attack and access
  • Template code attack and access


With our hosted Wordpress or Joomla Defense firewall software and services your site remains clean - we guarantee it. 

Not only do we defend your site from the above dangers but we also limit password hammering so your site won't slow down when outside influences are trying to gain access. We check in every time the Firewall requires a software update so that your site is always sporting the most recent version too. It's all included!

99.00 Installation (includes install, configuration, 1st year firewall hosting, and all firewall updates done for you) 
79.95 Per year next year on

To round things out, we keep full backups in case any other issues arise. You're fully protected with COOLCOM Premium Web Services Hosted Wordpress Firewall. 


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