Click "Manage Domains and Hosting" for renewal options

If you host your website with COOLCOM Digital Media, or registered your domain in the last year here, you'll find that your domain is set to automatically renew. In the case of hosting a website, we don't want your business to go down due to any mistakes or forgotten tasks, and in the case of new domains, COOLCOM now sets any registrtions to automatically renew. In both cases we still suggest you check to make sure it got done just to be sure.

♥ Hosted domains (those hosting websites or extended DNS services) are renewed about 7 days before their expiry date. All you need to do is make sure your payment information is up to date. Be sure to check back a couple days before due jsut to be sure things worked out. If you're not sure, contact us.

Renewing Manually is easy, to renew your domain manually, just find the URL (or URLs) in your list. Tick the box beside your domain and then scroll to the bottom of your list and use the selector to choose the number of years you would like to add. And if you're unsure, just contact us at the Desk.


1. Check your list of domains for any due soon. This example list is what yours will look something like. 


2. Tick the box by any domain(s) and scroll to the bottom to select number of years. Then click the renew button as shown in the example list below..


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