• Hacks Went up 32% in 2017 Says Google

    It happens so often to websites

    Hacks are rising fast this year too but sometimes it's too late before we even know ...more

  • SSL is now FREE with all Email and Hosting!

    Google wants it, you need it, so it's time.

    COOLCOM; the 1st and only firm to include SSL with all accounts. Save LITERALLY $100s ...more

  • Sticky economies call for some rethinking

    Yep, getting a little sticky out there… trade embargos… tariffs…

    unsteady dollar… things are getting a little rocky in our Country right now ...more

  • Who's The REAL Data Privacy Giant?

    Facebook is just one of many worries

    Some of what's collected by other companies is outright panic worthy, and we approved it... ...more

Select any listed domains to Set AutoRenew

This is your list of "Naked Domains" which include DNS, Whois and AutoRenewal Services

1. To Upgrade, click any domain
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3. Choose any available app for this domain
4. Click to purchase any shown app for that domain. For bulk upgrades (3+) ask for special pricing at the desk