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If you gave Facebook your phone number .. this may be the only accurate and sellable info they have.

I took a quick poll of my 300 or so Facebook friends, looking at their profiles and in some cases asking for clarification.

- Many profiles say they went to the “school of hard knocks”
- Many say they work for “facebook” or haven't updated the info
- Who didn’t lie about their age when joining?
- Many click LIKE on almost everything they see 
- Many do post what cities they have visited in the past
- The city lived in is commonly public but isn't a privacy point
- Most enter their relationship status

Interestingly much of the info is outright false; the info you gave to Facebook or Twitter or Linked in is not vetted. Facebook data is unreliable at best. You can even mislead that data by LIKING things you hate and following people you can't stand (something many do so they can stay apprised of policy or other news items regardless of how they feel about the issue).

That much unvetted data is a tough sell when looking to get money in exchange for digits. I call shame on anyone who bought this info "off the facebook rack" thinking they had actual commercially usable data.

Only if you click those links that tempt you to “find out who you were in the 1800s” or “find out your IQ” is there a risk of more being scraped out of your account, and at that "good" info is only there to scrape if you fill in that ADDED info they request (and accurately). Sure they may scour your friends but again, in my list they will find a lot of people that went to the school of hard knocks and work at facebook.

If you have concerns about your data  the real two points to ponder are VISA and your Cell Phone Provider

Between the two they know:

• Your actual birthday
• Your full address
• That you got gas today at Shell and stopped at Starbucks for coffee
• What route you take to work daily
• Where you work and what your shifts are
• Where you shop for groceries and clothing
• That you booked a flight to Honolulu and have yet to book a hotel
• You own the home or rent the apartment you live in
• How much you spend on renovations annually
• How much you spend on gas annually
• How often you travel
• What dog and catfood you buy

The data these few companies have is vetted for accuracy by way of credit checks and expenditure data as well as GPS tracking. It's accurate and its virtually endless. 

And we sign off on them using it. We even pay them .... 

The fervor over data privacy is pointed in the wrong direction, and those with your actual valuable data are loving that.

This is not to say Facebook and other Social Platforms are not making a killing off your data but the data is extremely skewed, it’s not you. The real product is being shoved under the bus with you tied to it by other parties we don’t even question.