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If you have a thriving website that looks great and does the job intended, then you likely had a relatively long road behind you. These questions give you the very information that will keep your head above water should anything go wrong with that website; they are the questions all site owners should ask and answers all webmasters should be prepared to give. 

1. Where is my site backup?
Most sites are made using CMS (content management) software. Joomla and Wordpress (most common) have many free backup options; Akeeba comes to mind. And an html site can be outright copied to a folder, then downloaded. Make sure you have a backup copy on your own computer and know what was used to make the backup. Write it all down. Never assume this is free though, if a backup system was not discussed then you may be required to pay an added fee. 

2. What software is my site made with?
This is helpful to know; you may one day find you need help beyond your webmaster. While that help will no doubt be able to figure this out, time is often of the essence when this topic comes up. Get to know your site specs before you are asked in a tense moment. This is your business; make sure you are fully informed.

3. Is my site software updated?
If your site uses any software, be that CMS or just a few hand scripted forms etc, that software will need continual updating. Hackers never stop trying and their tools improve with time. Eventually they find holes and software developers put out patches to protect your site integrity. Your webmaster should be on the update email list for every software and plugin used for your site.

4. What is the login info for my site?
You likely don't want to access the admin of your website, but you still need the keys. Not knowing your sites access info is the same as not carrying a spare key for your car.

5. What's my hack plan?
Take a look at the number of pleas for help right here. This google search shows 3 million articles about hacks for just Wordpress alone. Some are about fixes and some are pleas for help. The bottom line is there are 3 million entries because it happens a LOT. Hacks are incredibly common; it's a a fact of CMS life, but doesn't have to be a scary one. Hacks can cause five minutes or five days downtime, it's up to you which.

See number 1, 2, 3 and 4 for your first steps towards a good hack plan.

Tip: If you host your site at the COOLCOM Group then you also have account wide backup in place at your cPanel. We still advise a site-only version but use this free feature at least monthly anyway.