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Click "Manage Domains & Hosting" to Update your WHOIS Information.

WhoIs information is the data stored with core registries such as ICANN or CIRA. The information tells users about the domains origin, DNS, ownership and so on. It's vital to keep your WHOIS information up to date at all times as this information tells ICANN, CIRA etc, how they can contact you if need be. Individuals can opt to have their name and contact info redacted (free at COOLCOM) but Companies are by default made public and privacy needs to be implemented.

♥ For Privately held domains (non Corporate) COOLCOM sets your domain information to private by default. This means your name, address, phone number and other privte contact information is redacted and replaced with generic information supplied by (and monitored by) COOLCOM Digital Media. There is no fee for this (yes! most charge 15.00 per year for this!)

Corporately held domain names are by default set to Public by CIRA. Where possible, COOLCOM sets your corporately held domain to Private.


1. Click the domain you wish to update


2. In the resulting drop down, click the WHOIS Info Tab


3. Make any changes you see fit to any of the tabs. 


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