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Fully Trained IT Support &Services Without the Cost of True IT Staff

Corporate Support is designed for the firm or individual that requires fully trained IT services but would rather save the budget for other elements of the business plan.

Highlights of this package, normally valued at $1375.00 monthly

  • Monthly teleconference with members of the Tru-IT Team
  • Ongoing priority access to the Tier2 Tru-IT Corporate Support Team
  • Direct connection to the Tru-IT Team using live monitored Chat Window
  • Extended Monthly Website and Webmaster Services
  • Expert Marketing Consultation and Support
  • Tru-IT level security defense and incident mitigation

Website Maintenance and Consultation with COOLCOM Experts

- 1 Hour 2 Hours website maintenance services per month PLUS ...
- Software core and plugin/add-on updates (Joomla or WP)
- Extended Site Backup and replacement done for you
- Plugin Vetting for security (Joomla or WP)
- Plugin Vetting for required features (Joomla or WP)
- Plugin Installation (Joomla or WP)

Your site is the hub of your business, and we make sure that hub is updated, protected and secured. If you need help finding or vetting a plugin we're happy to help. As well, we'll install any purchased plugins for you. The average monthly cost of web and tech services shown here is $175.00. 

Personal Monthly Teleconference Consultation with COOLCOM Experts

- Monthly teleconference with the COOLCOM Marketing Team that includes:
- Monthly Professional SEO Mega Reporting Overview
- Monthly Social Media Mega Reporting Overview with Recommendations

Using our tier 2 platform software, we'll plug in your most important key words so we can let you know where you stand in Google. We let you know how your Facebook & Twitter pages are performing with enhanced reports including detailed information on your marketing efforts as well as how your site is being traveled by visitors. Your COOLCOM Team is available for a monthly teleconference that costs most businesses 200.00 for just one "team teleconference." 

Extended email Support with Expert Consultation and access for your Team

- Consultation and Comparisons on Benefits of 3rd Party Services 
- Extended spam elimination support
- Hosted Email migration
- Remote Email client/software configuration (MAC and PC)

Getting tired of the constant game of spam? Had some relief and now it's back? Need to select, configure and maintain the right Email Platform for your team? We help your entire team with the ongoing application of our spam reduction and elimination tactics. We check in monthly to review and update your defense. Be they server side solutions or items that require fixing on your computer. The average monthly value of this I.T. service is 150.00.

Security Configurations for your Site and Email

- Security best practices advice and implementation
- Hack prevention advice and implementation
- Hack mitigation/fix
- SSL installation and configuration
- PHP compliance updates

100s of 1000s of hacks happen yearly. We locate, employ and update the best anti-hack software and tactics for your site. COOLCOM Corporate keeps daily backups on our bullet proof backup server to ensure an expedient recovery. Should anything go wrong your site is restored to the most secure backup in minutes. Prevention and Mitigation costs upward of 350.00 monthly.

Domain DNS Implementation and Maintenance for your Business

- Zone Record Configurations
- Zone Record Updates
- We do it for you 3rd Party Configurations (GSuite, MS Exchange, Shopify etc

Be it setting up at Google, Shopify, or any 3rd party resource, setting up a Zone Record is the method most use in order to identify you as the site owner. It may even be required to execute the service you've signed up for. No need to learn what those are or how to carry them out; your COOLCOM Corporate team takes care of all these details for you. Just let us know which service you need help setting up and our techs will take care of it all. Zone record maintenance costs big companies up to 200.00 per month. 

Weekly & Monthly Custom Mega Reporting and Metrics

- Website Stats condensed to your most needed information
- Social Media Delivery based on a metric summary
- Google Standings based on your most important key words
- Internet Assets report

These monthly reports fully update you on where your success comes from, where you stand in Google and how your Social Media is delivering. The Internet Asset Report gives you an overview of your entire compliment of subscribed products (site, lead in & social pages, domains etc). Know your site is success path, where it comes from and which marketing strategies deliver. Mega Reporting to your Email costs most firms upward of 150.00 monthly.

Priority Tech, Support, Marketing and Admin Access Benefits 

- Priority Assistance at the Rapid Help Desk 
- Bypass Tier1 with Instant Tier2 assistance at the Rapid Help Desk 
- Live tech-window access to Tru-IT Monday to Friday 11am to 3pm EST. 
- 24/7 Emergency-Pager tech access
- Monthly Tru-IT Team Teleconference (Marketing, Tech, Admin) 

While the increased access to our high level tech staff is an attractive feature for most of our Corporate Clients, it's the Monthly Teleconferences that have been making incredible differences in the direction many are taking with their marketing, security and productivity. Companies pay no less than 150.00 monthly for direct and increased access. 

Forget hiring added staff to do all these jobs. Save $1000s by implementing our expert team in your day to day business planning and growth. 

$425.00 Regular monthly fee (minimum 3 months) 
$375.00 Reduced monthly fee when ordered for 6 months
$325.00 Reduced monthly fee when ordered for 12 months

Get in on an annual order now. Order a 6 month or 12 month plan and save an added 15% (ends March 31st, 2019)