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With both Google and The Chrome Browser now taking serious issue with sites not using SSL, site owners tell stories of losing traffic and SEO ranking due to these security measure policies.

"There is a significant change in the way it displays websites that are not using HTTPS, also known as SSL. This change may confuse your site visitors or surprise you if you are not expecting it," explains the article at Google.

In short, Google brands a site NOT SECURE, and will rank it lower on the Google Search unless SSL is in place.

Relax, if you already host at COOLCOM you're covered.

For sites hosting at COOLCOM SSL is free; it's included with all hosting accounts. No matter what kind of site or email you host your SSL certificate is already installed and working. Your site is secure.

What are others charging?

GoDaddy charges between 80 and 300.00 for the first year and 100.00 to 400.00 for subsequent years. Other providers show similar annual fees and some add it to the monthly bill making the hosting fee higher.

What exactly is SSL? And why is Google + Chrome doing this?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layers. This is a layer of encryption that makes the transaction of information such as credit card numbers, your address or email address (any personal information) secure. While not all sites ask for credit cards, many do as for email addresses using newsletter signups and so on.

Now you have probably heard that if your site doesn't transact Credit Card info or personal info that this is a bit on the nasty side, but here is why Google sees differently.

Is your site built in Wordpress or Joomla? CMS Software runs almost all sites now and your login to the admin area is as sensative a bit of info as any credit card. Matter of fact it can be even more sensative. Hackers can use keystroke your info and once in, use your account for phishihng, spamming and all kinds of nefarious activity.

Why would hackers want to get at my site?

A questoin most people ask. The truth is hackers will take any Wordpress or other CMS site. It's not about you or your content, it's about hacker using the core software to their advantage. Any Wordpress will do. No, it's not the only way into your site but it's a very common one.

How can I take advantage of COOLCOM's free SSL?

Easy, if you are hosting at COOLCOM Premium then you have already got SSL.

Want to move here? Just open a COOLCOM SSL Hosting Account. We'll even help you move your site. SSL Hosting with an email box included is as low as 89.95 per year (that's just 7.40 per month). Yes, we include database access, cPanel admin with all the goodies and then some.

Want to get started now? Just fill in the Domain you want to host. We'll figure the rest out for you and contact you with any information you need to know. 


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