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At COOLCOM group we hear the term "My IT" more than any other throughout the day at the Help Desk.

But as situations pan out, we find the "IT" most often referred to is the person currently assisting with a website or setting up an email account on a device or computer. 

Technically speaking, am IT looks after hardware in large networks. To your left is an example of what an IT Guy looks like in his own habitat. 

So, what are all these in between people then? Usually they are webmasters; often highly skilled. But to allow a merging of the terms opens the door for a lot of grief, developing an expectation of a Webmaster that is not realistic. 

Over time we migrated the term to Internet Tech, which has it's own skill set.

So let’s look at the skills required of an Internet Tech when hired by COOLCOM or any other firm with high standards for their internal client technical support services. 

  • A full understanding of how domains work
    • Propagation
    • DNS
    • Zone records (MX records, Pointing, HTTP and TXT etc)
    • Mitigation (entry of applicable TXT and other records)
    • Configuration

  • A full understanding of how servers work
    • Apache software
    • cPanel Software

  • A full understanding of how email works
    • MX entries
    • Delivery Tracking
    • Forwarding
    • Hardware setup

  • A Good understanding of internal software
    • MySQL
    • Some scripting

As you can see leaving this part of your livelihood to your webmaster (no matter how skilled at websites) is akin to leaving your Home Economics to your Interior Designer. They could be very skilled at design, but disaster can (and often does) ensue when left to negotiate your mortgage.

Check for qualifications before leaving work to one individual that may be better in the hands of another. Often, your webmaster really doesn’t want this responsibility and is unable to say so for fear of being replaced with one who claims they are able.

For a great example of how this can work against you check out my article last year about Bob and his Webmaster. It’s one of COOLCOM’s most read!