Getting your Apple IPad or IPhone set up using this walkthough.

With every IOS Update these settings are moved around. None the less each one will be found somewhere in the process. 

1. Shown below, click the Accounts & Passwords Option

2. Click the OTHER option on the right hand side selection of mail options

3. Click to Add Mail Account

4. Input your information as shown here

5. Choose IMAP so you can check mail on this account on more than one Device or Computer

6. If you have SSL on your account, click YES (Tip, SSL is free on all accounts during the 1st year. Unless you opted out, you have SSL. 

7. SMTP (OUTGOING MAIL) SETTINGS - Set as shown below (, ca etc)

8. Set the Outgoing Mail server as shown below

9. One the same screen as above, now go to the Password Authentication and be sure its set to ON

10. Authentication shown as ON

11. Find the Advanced Settings for INCOMING MAIL


Important Advanced Settings that can affect your account costs

Push notifications set your device to check mail on a schedule. When that schedule is set too often (in particular if you use several devices, PCs etc all checking) your account Resource Usage increases substantially. With a large increase in resources comes increased costs. To avoid added fees use the following settings. (set to manual for the least usage and hourly as a next best. Keep in mind you can set for hourly and still check between when need be).

1. Open Settings and tap Accounts and Passwords.
2. Tap Fetch New Data 

3. Tap Manual or Hourly for best results.