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You Can Point your Domain at any IP Address Using Extended Tools

The COOLCOM DNS Plus program, offers extended fetures, and one of the more popular ones is the abiity to point your Domain Name at any IP address. This can be handy under a number of circumstances, from using 3rd party hosting to splitting off your hosting records from your email records. Advanced configuration of your domains gives you the abilty to remain in full control of your most important asset rather than leaving it to your hosting company.

♥ Advanced DNS Services at COOLCOM is a suite of tools that offer more flexibility to your domain configurations. A cPanel driven sutie tools let you manage individual aspects of your URL with ease, letting you make use of A Records, MS, TXT and more. 

♠ If you're not using COOLCOM DNS Plus services, you can add this product to any domain in your Client Centre list a fee of 8.95 per year. 


1. In the COOLCOM Client Centre, click your Domain List and scroll to the DNS Ehnanced Domains Section. 


2. Click the Domain you wish to update and then in the drop down screen, click the Auto Login to work with this Domain


3. You are now in the cPanel for this domain. Click the Zone Editor icon. 


4. The list of domains will appear. Click the +A Record Button to the right of a domain. You can then add to, change and remove this record.