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Create Gorgeous Landing Pages that do SEO Heavy Lifting for you.

Enhanced Domain tools Include everything in the DNS Plus Suite and... the ability to create landing pages that look incredible while also pereforming excellent SEO groundwork for you. Be they your permanet page or just one while a site is on the way, having a Landing page getting listed by Google and other Databases is a smart way to get started. Landing pages are also perfect for domains that are for sale or link to websites for the purpose of traffic. 

♥ Enhanced DNS at COOLCOM adds more functionalty to your Domain. cPanel tools let you point your URL at any hosting system & mail at any other system (GSuite for example) and you can add landing pages as well as create unlimited email forwards. 

♠ If you're intending to point at another provider of DNS Services, add their DNS info as shown below. Then visit your provider to use their tools.


1. In the COOLCOM Client Centre, click your Domain List and scroll to the DNS Ehnanced Domains Section. 


2. Click the Domain you wish to update and then in the drop down screen, click the Auto Login to work with this Domain


3. You are now in the cPanel for this domain. Click the Site Publisher icon. 


4. The Site Publisher will ask you to select a Domain on which to add a page. Pick one from your list. 


4. The Site Publisher now offers you a selection of templates to choose from. Pick one, and add your info to fields you wish to use. SAVE!


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