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Click "Manage Domains and Hosting" to Start creating Email Forwards

Email forwarding is a super convenient way to get mail at your URL without using a box. Sometimes we just want  mail to arrive and having it forward to a working GMail or Hotmail account (or even another hosted email account) is a great way to achieve this and skip having to set up Outlook boxes and hand held devices.

With Email forwarding, Mail sent to your chosen address @yourURL just arrives at your already working box once it's set up (and getting there is as easy as 1,2,3.

There are so many instances where using Email forwarding is a preferred method and you can even help yourself avert getting on spam lists using it. Our team at COOLCOM sets up a new forward for any and every mail list or service in order to stay on top of what's going where. For example, if signing up for a newsletter from Apple, you might create a forward called " and have that forward to your GMail Box. When you want to get rid of the newsletter you can just turn off the forwarder, thus not relying on the sender to remove you from their list. 



1. In the COOLCOM Client Centre, click your Domain List and scroll to the DNS Enhanced (or Hosted) Domains Section. 


2. Click the Domain you wish to update and then in the drop down screen, click the Auto Login to work with this Domain


3. You are now in the cPanel for this domain. Click the Forwarders Icon in the Email Section of your cPanel.


4. The resulting screen lists any current forwarders as well as offers you a button to add new ones. Click it to get started and follow the instructions.