When You Want a Website Without the Cost of a Webmaster

COOLCOM Canada brings you access to Weebly "Click and Drag" Website Building right through your CPanel hosting account and that means you still get your email (Weebly does not offer mail) and our incredible personal support, all while using the globes most popular DIY Website Software. 

100's of clients are already enthralled with the ease of use, yet incredible results Weebly has to offer. 

Whatever your business or business plan, Weebly Website Building lets you keep the work in your own wheelhouse. Using Weebly Website Building means you can update with ease, change pages, pictures, links and other content simply by logging in and updated as needed. 

From Horse Ranching and Training to Plumbing and Electrical Business, there is no limit to the type of industry and professional that has taken full advantage of the new and easy way to do it yourself without giving up the looks of a professionally designed website. 

If you are not yet ready to outsource this very important aspect of your online business growth, then Weebly is your key to keeping it professional and keeping it in house. 

How do you activate Weebly in your COOLCOM Canada Hosting Account? 

Getting started with COOLCOM's Weebly Website Builder is easy! Just log into your hosting CPanel, then click the Weebly Icon. If you have more than one domain, Weebly will ask you which you would like to build your new website for. 

Once you have selected your URL, Weebly and Coolcom does the rest. You're up and running in mere minutes. 

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