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Once logged into your panel click EMAIL > Email Accounts Icon (shown below). Then fill in the info required and save.


Any users you add can access their email via webmail by typing http://yourdomain/webmail, and then entering the criteria you chose when setting up the account. The Control Panels webmail link will take you to your MAIN webmail account. The one associated with this domains hosting set up only. This ensures that only you, the account owner, has access to the rest of the account features. More about Webmail.

Spam and your Server
Your server uses Sendmail Verification. This means anyone sending you mail must be using an actual box. Spammers generally don't use boxes so this will eliminate most of your spam. Should something get through it will very likely also have a working unsubscribe, try that first always. 

It can happen that a firm uses an automated system, forgetting to create an actual box. A good example of this is Kijiji, who uses a no-reply address and has actually no box attached to it - it's just an address inserted into software. In such a situation, we can bypass the IP address, ensuring you still get their mail. COOLCOM Canada has already installed a large list of known sendmail failures, however, should you find you are not getting mail just let us know at the help desk. We'll add the to the list and you'll get mail from there in. While it can be frustrating to miss legitimate email, the Sendmail Verification method will miss far less email than a system based on reading each emails body as it comes in, assessing things based on it's content. 

Spam Assassin
Use these settings to govern how harsh you want your email judged as it comes in. Setting the meter to 0 means nothing comes in but white listed items. So this is the strongest toughest filter. 10 means everything comes in unchecked and nothing will be filtered at all. Most users start at 5 and move to 4 or 3 if too much spam still makes it through.

Auto Responders
Use this area to set up automatically sent out replies to emails that come in. You can set up individual responders to reply for particular email boxes as well as adding particular filters such as emails that arrive with certain information in their body or in their subject.