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There's no need to know how the internet works when COOLCOM has your back. From simple domain help to advice on complex applications, you'll find every base covered under one friendly roof. 

It's just a freaking domain, so now what do I do?

Letting a domain sit dormant could be one of the most common mistakes made and often it sits after registration because the new owner has no time to deal with things or maybe isn't sure what can be done. There are a number of options to get a domain working for you and often you can opt to have our team do the legwork if you prefer. Here are some of the basics and links that take you to more information.

Create a Website

Create a Website

Choose from
 Drag and Drop builders like WordPress, Weebly, SiteBuilder, Joomla and more. Your site will be hosted on State of the Art Cloud Server equipment that keeps your website and email running at top speed.

Point at Something Already

Point at Something Already

At the very least, put that domain to use now that you have it in your asset list! You can point your domain at any working site, or split email off to Google while the site points anywhere else you choose. There is so much you can do!

Build a Business

Build a Business

Made plans to succeed
and you want to make money on your domain, this is the path for you. Check out our tools and programs that are desined to walk you step by step through the process of achieving the success you set out to.

Struggling with organizing too many email boxes?

Facing the frustration of using GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Workmail, personal Mail AND having to re-enter them EVERY TIME you get a new device, laptop, computer?

  • Never again lose important email due to having several addresses.

  • Never again have to add 5 accounts to a new phone, laptop or tablet.

  • Never again forget what email to check to find something important.

Get EVERYTHING under one login!

Some Walkthrough and Screenshot Help

Setting up your email

Set up Email on PC's and Devices can be much easier when using one of our walkthough pages complete with screenshots. Find yours...

Point your URL at a Site

Pointing your domain at a working webpage or website can be done using your cPanel admin Advanced DNS domain controls. Try it now...

Create a landing page

Want more than an Under Construction page? This cPanel admin Advanced DNS tool lets you plugin your relevent info and it does the rest. Here's How...

Tracking inbound email

Use this clever tool in your cPanel to track incomming email. You'll know if it was actually sent and where it went. Here's more on how...

Backing up your website

Site backup is included free in your COOLCOM Hosting cPanel and should be done at leat weekly to maintain security. More on this...

Drag & Drop Site Builders

Looking to create a site quickly using a template? SitePad is a great choice. It's in your cPanel and ready to rock! More about those...

Our favorite among the cPanel Site Builders

This image for Image Layouts addon



Included in every COOLCOM Webhosting cPanel is SiteBuilder, one of the worlds most comprehensive (yet easy to use) tools for DIY Website building. With every feature you can imagine included (YES EVEN ECOMMERCE). Get in on SiteBuilder at COOLCOM and save too; while most cPanel Providers charge fees for advanced features, we've included them all with your hosting plan!

Learn More

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