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Webmasters Workbench   
Some people build websites and others build businesses. Which are you? JoCool, Co Founder of COOLCOM Digital Media, brings you the talk and information that helps you become and remain the person that builds businesses and helps you aim for success with each new launch. From software to marketing, there are tried and true methods that work as well as risks worth taking. 

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SEO and Your Google Rank

SEO and Your Google Rank

Ranking well in Google can be a mystery, after all they update their own algorithms and criteria almost monthly. It’s important to stay on top of things; what they found to be of great value in your site three years ago may very well be holding you back today. Here are some tips from our own SEO Team.

1. How content is written matters to Google.

Using an algorithm that is updated often, Google looks for natural speech patterns. Repeating words because you want them noticed will have the opposite effect when Google spiders your site. Instead take your time to write well thought out, unique content for each paragraph (and page) that will focus clearly on your product or service.

2. Google likes websites more than webpages.

Google prefers three or more pages; a single page will not be ignored, but sites that contain more will outrank it. This is because Google tries to dish up the sites that offer the most content for your search. Independent landing pages are more relevant when advertising. Google loves to see a good independent landing page when you use their Adwords services and while this may seem odd (you are paying for the ad) in reality Google still wants to show well thought out content.


3. Internal Landing pages are adored by Google.

A page is seen as a good internal landing page if it contains completely unique information from other pages; this matters if you want all pages well ranked rather than just the home page. Each page in your site should be completely unique and not carry over or repeat text from other pages. The exception is your contact information at the foot or sidebar.

4. Update your content often.

Using a blog can really help here as those are easy to update and loved by Google. But even regularly updating the static information in your site will go a long way. Think about some of your own searches. When Google returns a choice of sites, you prefer to view the most up to date site. Keep that in mind when trying to reach out via Google rankings.

5. When creating outbound links, say what you mean.

A link to “Blue Boats the Website” that says “Blue Boats” will make Google happier than "click here" and even though it's outbound, Google will follow your link to find out more, so the site matching the link matters. Google will regard your site as more worthy if small details such as this are respected.

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Written by : JoCool

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