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Internet Smackdown  
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First Year SSL Now Free

First Year SSL Now Free

The news is out; Google is pushing for an SSL rich internet and, like it or not, consumers wishing to stay on top of their game will be needing to activate it in short order. As long as Google is the Search Engine of choice, what ranks one site over another will remain of very high importance, and was made abundantly clear the push is toward SSL only. 

COOLCOM has taken the bold step of passing SSL along as an inclusion in all Website Hosting packages in the first year. That's right, it's free for any hosted account here at COOLCOM. That includes all domains in your hosted plan too, not just the main domain (compare that with the rest)!

  • Year one with all Hosting and Email accounts is FREE
  • Year two and beyond is only 29.95 per year 

What you need to know and what this includes

SSL is required by Google and your site will rank higher if it adheres to Googles standards of security. 


But COOLCOM takes your security several steps further. By barring instrusions from Countries such as Russia and the Ukeraine, your hackability becomes so much lower. And with regular scans of your account performed nightly, you'll always be the first to know if there is a problem. 

Adding SSL changes your website url from http to https (the s added says secure) and that means Google needs to relist you. Even that slight change means your URL is different now. Your current (or old) URL will no longer rank as well, and having both is a strike against you in the Google world anyway. So removing the old non-secure URL and replacing with the secure is very important. 

So how is this done?

Well, if you now have a Google webmaster account, just log in and add your new SSL secure URL and then immediately remove your old URL. If you have no webmaster account then you will need to open one first. 

If you’re not sure how to do this, we can help.

For those with a webmaster account, we can take care of the legwork. We need your Google Webmaster account access and that’s all. We’ll take care of your site verification and the delisting of the current non SSL information.


For those with no webmaster account, we can open one for you and set things up so that you can manage going forward. We’ll return with your new login information and all the legwork of this SSL website listing will be complete, including site verification.


Total: 0.00

To have either of these done for you, just ask at the Help Desk. Our website specialists will take care of it all and let you know when the job is done.

Enjoy the new FREE SSL, it's on the house. Be sure to tell your clients your site and mail is now SSL secure. 

Kenneth Cool

Written by : Kenneth Cool

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