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At COOLCOM Premium there are 3 kinds of domain 

Naked Domains: Domains purchased cost+ without extended cPanel services. Well, we ARE the only provider to include HideMYWhois Domain Privacy in that low price! Most charge 10.00 for it. If hosting elsewhere, your domain should remain naked; no need to spend more on features. Just add your hosting provider's DNS and they'll take care of the rest. (See the DNS change info to do that). You can also edit Whois info or upgrade to your own cPanel features

cPanel Enhanced Domains: Domains that have our extended suite. cPanel Domains have awesome tools that explode your domain's effectiveness. Give your URL purpose; point at working webpages, use email forwarding, create fabulous landing pages and more. If you have many domains you may only want one or two enhanced.. or maybe all. You can request special pricing for bulk (3+) pricing right in your panel (or just ask at the Help Desk). And as easy as we make this.. we are still HAPPY to do any of this cPanel admin stuff for you! Just ask at the desk if you are too busy :)

cPanel Email/Hosting Domains: Domains that are hosting at COOLCOM Premium can use this section to find out about all kinds of tools, tricks and set up tips. Add hosting to any domain to open a world of opportunity. An individual panel for each domain because each is worth it's own weight in gold. A full bodied package at a low price will accomodate most any site and if you grow.. just add our Email, Space and other Apps - no package shifting and fitting into slots. Find super friendly help in our advance walkthroughs on creating boxes, using landing page builders, setting up your email software and more; hosting at COOLCOM is the best! 

Ways to admin your domains

  • Use the menu below (or the Config Cafe Menu to your right) to admin domains using interactive walkthroughs.
    No page switching, it's all right there to admin right in the "how to" pages. 
  • If you're a pro by now you may want to do this all right from your Domain and Hosting list

Either way, you need to be logged in to view your domains and perform changes and .. magic!