• It's 2019; Time to Talk about Your Site Stats

    Google Stats are overdone and overwhelming.

    Few sites benefit from overkill and it turns out your best bet is FREE and right in your cPanel ...more

  • SSL is now FREE with all Email and Hosting!

    Google wants it, you need it, so it's time.

    COOLCOM; the 1st and only firm to include SSL with all accounts. Save LITERALLY $100s ...more

  • Sticky economies call for some rethinking

    Yep, getting a little sticky out there… trade embargos… tariffs…

    unsteady dollar… things are getting a little rocky in our Country right now ...more

  • Who's The REAL Data Privacy Giant?

    Facebook is just one of many worries

    Some of what's collected by other companies is outright panic worthy, and we approved it... ...more


Kenneth Cool - CEO and co-Founder at COOLCOM Canada

Kenn's passion is helping clients navigate the maze of tasks that can otherwise complicate and frustrate businesses and administrative bodies trying to leverage the internet for growth and communication. He has spent the majority of his career in the IT industry, developing outstanding problem solving skills in areas such as email, DNS and website and server management.

His “Do It For Them” approach has saved his clients endless hours of valuable time. While simplifying online life for his clients is his primary job function by day, Kenn also enjoys playing keyboards and singing in two bands while creating musical arrangements of pop tunes in his home studio.

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Patricia Lee - Media/Marketing Director and co-Founder at COOLCOM Canada

Although Patricia Lee began her career as a Legislative Reporter stationed 5 years in the British Columbia Press Gallery, her entrepreneurial spirit took over when she founded a communications store and turned it into a chain before selling in 1999.

Moving to HiTech was a natural next move with the Internet having just been born. Co-Founding the COOLCOM Group initiated what would later become Canada's Certified Domain and Web Service firms boasting the most loyal consumer base. Through training Techs and Support to work for the customer, as well as designing client systems that make even the most complex information management seem simple, COOLCOM experiences some of the lowest churn in the industry. 

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Kenn's Latest Article

  • So how ARE you feeling?

    Yep, getting a little sticky out there… trade embargos…. tariffs… unsteady dollar… seems like a lot of noise coming from across the border… things getting a little rocky right now. It’s definitely stirring up some renewed patriotism. Oh hey… I know… we still love our neighbors to the south… but yep, sometimes it makes you think a little more about things sometimes taken for granted. We love our country, we want it to stay strong. We want a strong economy, local jobs and our nation to prosper. So...

Patricia's Latest Article

  • When it makes sense to spend the big bucks on a Premium Domain

    Everyone that starts up a business online has spent hours looking for the right name. Since the internet took hold, those hours spent name searching have also included plenty of domain searches (looking up available domains to go with the business).  In fact, the name MP3 (music file) was chosen because the URL was available and it certainly isn't the only product maker that chose a name this way.  But there are times when what's "available" for $12.00 or $15.00 will cost more in the longer term...