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Change of Registrant

Invalid Input
Enter full name of new registrant
New Registrant Street
New Registrant City
New Registrant Postal Code
New Registrant Postal Code
New Registrant Phone
New Registrant Email
Who will Pay for this Change of Registrant?

Special ICANN Rules regarding Registrant Contact info updates

Once we submit the vital info changes to the registry, the new ICANN process (implemented Dec. 1st, 2016) sends confirmation emails to:

a) the existing Registrant contact email address
b) the new Registrant contact email address

Both the existing registrant email address AND the new registrant email address are required to approve the update. If the contact email address is not being changed (just the name(s)), only one email and approval will be required.

Note: The Registrant is the owner of the domain. As per ICANN rules, changing any of the Registrant’s vital contact info (First name, Last name, email address) locks the domain record against further changes or transfers for 60 days.

Special Circumstances:

In the event the old Registrant Contact email is no longer accessible (and cannot be verified), kindly contact our compliance team by sending an email to compliance@coolcom.com with the following verification documents :

* Photo ID proof of registrant eg: driver’s license or passport copy.
* Any government issued Company Proof (If applicable) - Incorporation Certificate or Company registration certificate.
* Duly fill the below contact modification form manually signed by the registrant


(Please note that the signature on the form and the Photo ID proof should match. We do not accept copy pasted or digital signatures, the signature on the form should be hand written)

There is a processing fee of $29.95 to handle the administration and verification.

Once the registrant contact is modified, a verification email will be sent to the new email address. Complete the registrant verification process by clicking on the verification link sent in the email and the domain contact info will be updated.