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The Coolcom Hosting panel gives you options for looking at numbers. 

They're pretty simple and great for starters. You can click to see your most recent 300 visitors and more. 
1. The below domains have hosting accounts set up. 
2. Click any hosted domain to log into it's Hosting cPanel. 

Here's just part of the cPanel you'll see! Log into any hosted account using your hosting list above. 

While the consumption of bandwith is unlimited (fair use) you may still want to keep tabs on how your site is performing on consumption.

It's not the prettiest software but it gets you your numbers, including latest visitor info, graphs and charts representing various comparisons and some error reporting as well. You can use Webalizer FTP to find out more about your account FTP usage. 

A quick peek at your basics statistics; a top 300 view.