Professional Email Hosting

Avoid 3rd Party email sticker shock; escape it if your already stuck.

Top 10 Professional Email Features



Filter-free spam reduction


Friendly cPanel administration


Webmail, PC/MAC, Device access


Shared calendar, notes, to do etc.


Forward unlimited addresses to your box


SSL Secure account access


Exclusive email tracking app


Added user friendly spam tools


FREE DNS zone panel (save $11.95)


FREE Migration (Sept, 2023 only)


FREE Migration throughout May 2023

Got mail you don't want to let go of? That;s not a problem. COOLCOM experts will migrate your entire email folder set to your new account; it's like nothing ever happened (except the awesome savings on fees and the huge leg up in support. :)

Folders and attachments too? No loss of my data?

You bet, we move it all and you lose absolutely nothing except the weight of big eMail bills.

Benefit from COOLCOM Syztem Email no matter where your site is hosted

WIX, Weebly, GoDadddy, SquareSpace.. many providers no longer offer in house email, hide it, or never did offer it.

Email requires an abundance of technical support; something platforms often choose to drop where possible in order to save on costs.

Rather than off-ramp our clients where it's inconvenient, we've doubled down; our email tech support is some of Canada's most intuitive and well trained in the field. 


About COOLCOM Digital

COOLCOM Digital Media offers goods and services carefully focused on specific needs of Canadian business. Through our diverse group of offerings, clients have the backing required to bring forward quality. Your Business gains secure internet composure working with consultants aimed at high level support. And domain collectors still find their best pricing and tools all at the COOLCOM Group of companies.

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