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I Call Bullshit on Godaddy for this Google Ad

Recently I was looking at some of the ad tactics of competitors, only to find they can be deplorably misrepresentive. Depending on the advertising and pricing suggested, there are outright blatant lies.

Here I took screen captures of my search for .ca domains. It seems you can get one for .99 cents.. so I clicked through to try it out. Needless to say I was left scratching my head at how this could even be allowed and .. why anyone would carry through with the sale having been so openly duped.

this is what happened when I completed my search and opted to purchase my 99 cent domain. Not only could I not adjust my price to 99 cents, but the base price is set at 14.99 (which I also could not choose. 2 Years is the minimum purchase off that google link. The domain privacy pretends to be included but RENEWS at 14.99! Goods are added that assume hosting and there is a mystery fee at the end...