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Dare to Compare: Head2Head w/Godaddy (04/2018)

We thought it might be a great time to put our pricing up against the majors. Not all companies make this information easy to find either, which makes it all the more important to have a full understanding of. For this reason we also link to the pages that competitors display the pricing on. How do some companies become so huge? Well sometimes it helps to charge a lot more once popular as the acceptable loss ratio is quite a bit higher. 

Here is how we look compared to Godaddy, December 2017. 

  COOLCOM Premium GoDaddy
Domain Whois Privacy Included $7.99/y
SSL Security (1 Domain) FREE $59.99/y
SSL Security (1 Domain) Renew FREE $74.99/y
SSL Security (Multi Domain) FREE $135.99/y
SSL Security (Multi Domain) Renew FREE $169.99/y
SSL Security (Wild Card) FREE $279.99/y
SSL Security (Wild Card) Renew FREE $349.99/y
1st year Email Hosting $1.57 $1.99/m
2nd year Email Hosting $3.95/m $4.99/m
1st Year Web Hosting $3.95/m $3.99/m
2nd Year Web Hosting $5.95/m $7.99/m


So what about support and customer satisfaction? Support matters, so let's take a look. 

Google: Complaints about COOLCOM: We found one page showing 7 complaints (since 1999!)
Google: Complaints about Godaddy: We found 100s of pages, review sites with 1000s of complaints. 

Ten reasons to bring your business to COOLCOM

1. Most reasonable pricing and clearest value

2. Support is exemplary

3. Canadian Firm, Est. 1999

4. One of the Original Registries to be Certified by CIRA 

5. No Phone Banks 

6. No outsourced Email or Help Desk Staff

7. We don't push you to use forums for support

8. Support people with COOLCOM a minimum of 9 years

9. Extremely knowledgeable and fast Tech Help

10. Worlds MOST advanced "One Click" Single Page for all URLs  easy domain admin