• It showed about 300 offerings… seriously… 300

    God forbid they should miss a commission opportunity

    Canned reviews…little if any research… and childish superlatives ...more

  • Suddenly, I Wanted to Take Their Money!

    Sending the Wrong Message can Damage the Intent

    Solidifying the business message is top priority, design & colors come later in development ...more

  • 5 Important Questions for Your Webmaster

    It happens so often to websites

    Hacks are common today but , sometimes it's too late to fix the easy way ...more

  • Bob's Webmaster Said.. "You need a new logo"

    It's more common than the Common Cold.

    But did a new logo improve Bob's Traffic or Sales? Business is best planned by you ...more

Webmasters Bench

 JoCool Shares 16 Years Experience 

Design and technical skill don't often go hand in hand, but when they combine into one toolbox the result us often an explosion of Design, Placement and Conversion; JoCool is no exception to this rule. 

Stick with JoCool as she shares her knowledge of Content Management, Design for the times, Software Decision Making, Data, SEO Tricks and more. This weekly article series is often witty and always informative.